September 2015 – Doctor Who

You need a bit of Doctor Who knowledge to solve some of these puzzles, but we provide it for you. Doctor and Companion bios are sprinkled around all the puzzle pages and answer sheet. Some will be useful in solving certain puzzles…

Like August, September’s event was a bit more technological than most: It used ClueKeeper to help host the hunt. Players had the option to use ClueKeeper (in addition to our normal Game Control hosts) to track puzzle progress and get hints. This ClueKeeper hunt is still available, if you’d like to use it – Download the app and get the hunt using code PPSEP15. Alternatively, the puzzles as presented below can be used independent of the app.

All hints/solutions linked below are in ROT-13, so you can take one piece at a time if you’d like. To fully understand the solution, read the hints as well.

All puzzles (except the bonus puzzle) in one file.

Thanks to the Austin Puzzled Pint organizers for writing all of this month’s puzzles!