About Puzzled Pint

Puzzled Pint is a casual, social puzzle solving event which happens at bars/pubs on the second Tuesday of every month in multiple cities around the world. The Friday before each event, we post a location puzzle to this website. The solution to that puzzle will lead you to a local pub/bar/restaurant in your city. Hints will be available here on the site.

On the night of the event, show up at the specified pub in your city (some cities may offer a choice; details including event start time will be posted on the page for that event). We’ll have more puzzles for you to solve while you enjoy drinks and food. Most teams take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to solve a typical puzzle set. “Game Control” will be on hand to give hints and verify answers.

The goal of Puzzled Pint is for everyone to have fun! We welcome your thoughts on how to improve future events. Email us or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Still confused? Read our FAQ or watch this ⬇️

Fast Facts

  • Puzzled Pint is a completely volunteer-run, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  • It was founded in July of 2010 in Portland, Oregon, USA.
    • Founders: Ana Roeszler, Curtis Chen, DeeAnn Sole, Matt Cleinman, Victor Asteinza
  • First event (July 13, 2010) attended by 17 people in 1 location.
  • Ninth anniversary event (July 9, 2019) attendance was over 3,653 people worldwide, at 79 locations in 15 countries.
  • We publish at least 5 new puzzles every month.
    • 1 location puzzle: solve to find out where to go
    • 4 event puzzles (sometimes +1 meta puzzle)
    • sometimes +1 bonus puzzle
  • All Puzzled Pint events are FREE to attend.
  • Puzzled Pint players solve puzzles for fun — there are no prizes.
  • Puzzles are similar to those in events like the MIT Mystery Hunt, but are designed to be beginner-friendly. Puzzled Pint is a puzzle event accessible to newcomers.
  • Teams are encouraged — solving is more fun with friends!
  • Anyone can learn to solve puzzles, and hints are always free.

Report form

Puzzled Pint is welcoming to everyone. Something didn’t go right? Let the board know by using our report form.