March 2024 – Mathematics


Tuesday March 12, 2024    
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This event’s theme is Mathematics and is brought to you by Adam Levav of College Park, Maryland, USA.

Adam is an undergraduate computer science and statistics double degree student, graduating this semester. He started solving puzzle hunts in junior year of high school, and started writing his own puzzles shortly after. This is his first Puzzled Pint set. He also enjoys writing crossword puzzles and occasionally running.

Despite being a math major, he’s terrible at mathematics, but nonetheless feels it has an unfair reputation for being pointless and impenetrable. This puzzle set… probably won’t change that, but he hopes that everyone enjoys it anyways.

He’s currently looking for post-graduation job positions in the field of computational biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics.



Need a little help to solve the puzzles?

If you are new to Puzzled Pint or just looking for general help then check out Puzzling Basics for tips on how to tackle these style of puzzles. For some puzzles, the Code Sheet is very helpful.


The locations for this event were: