Not Another D&D Podcast

March 2023 – Not Another D&D Podcast


Tuesday March 14, 2023    
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This event’s theme is Not Another D&D Podcast and it is brought to you by Stephanie Yang.

Stephanie YangStephanie Yang is a recent Boston transplant who enjoys playing board games and rock climbing. This set marks her third PuzzledPint set, in addition to Avatar the Last Airbender and Greek Mythology. Creating puzzles is not a solo endeavor, and she thanks her family and friends for suffering through all of the early beta-versions of her puzzles! Stephanie has a love-hate relationship with social media and can occasionally be spotted on Twitter as @syangaskhan.


The puzzles

Hints and solutions

Need a little help to solve the puzzles?

If you are new to Puzzled Pint or just looking for general help then check out Puzzling Basics for tips on how to tackle these style of puzzles. For some puzzles, the Code Sheet is very helpful.


The locations for this event were: