January 2024 – Animal Casino


Tuesday January 9, 2024    
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This event’s theme is Animal Casino and is brought to you by Bob Becker of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Bob (shown here losing his shirt to an armadillo) is a recently retired chemistry teacher. He and his wife Kathy learned about Puzzled Pint five years ago from their middle child, Amariah. Bob started submitting puzzles four years ago, and Animal Casino marks his ninth set. He has also recently joined the Puzzled Pint editing team.

Aside from teaching and puzzling, Bob loves just about anything outdoors – bicycling, camping, and long hikes with their two mutts. Also, since the early 90’s, he has had an idea for a math-nerdy, puzzle-inspired construction toy made from hyperbolic paraboloids. Finally, in 2020, he ran a Kickstarter campaign and made HyperTiles a reality. With all its puzzling possibilities, it has become his retirement hobby and his new favorite passion.



Need a little help to solve the puzzles?

If you are new to Puzzled Pint or just looking for general help then check out Puzzling Basics for tips on how to tackle these style of puzzles. For some puzzles, the Code Sheet is very helpful.


The locations for this event were: