August 2024 – The Phantom Tollbooth


Tuesday August 13, 2024    
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This event’s theme is The Phantom Tollbooth and is brought to you by Aaron Kugler of Austin, Texas, USA.

Aaron is an avid mathematician, woodworker, and artist from just north of Austin, TX. He spends his days continually investing his free time on the next crazy project idea that pops into his head.

Though he is a true jack-of-all-trades (with quite a few tricks up his sleeves), Aaron has found a recent obsession with all manner of puzzles – constructing ten thousand piece jigsaws or creating his own themed crossword puzzles, logic puzzles, and puzzle sets (he really likes piecing things together).

This is Aaron’s first submission to Puzzled Pint after attending his first event just over a year ago. He left the bar that night thinking, “I could do that,” and immediately began sketching out the foundations of this very puzzle set based on one of his favorite children’s novels – The Phantom Tollbooth. He created every piece of art in the puzzles himself to celebrate the look and feel of the original book (in fact, he says he’s quite drawn to them). He hopes this set is a fitting tribute to the book that has brought the joy of wordplay to millions of children worldwide.

Special thanks to Tori as well – Aaron’s wife, alpha play tester, pun purveyor, copy editor (she really rights all his wrongs), and #1 cheerleader.

Where is Puzzled Pint held?

Puzzled Pint is held in a number of venues around the world, and they change each month. The locations for this event (and the location puzzle) will be available nearer the event date.