July 2017 – Game of Thrones

No puzzles this month require color printing.

Game of Thrones spoilers – The set contains no major spoilers. For the TV show, there are no spoilers at all beyond season 5, episode 2. For the book series, there are no spoilers at all beyond book 4 (A Feast for Crows), chapter 6. We don’t know anything about season 7 or later since we wrote everything before it premiered!

All main puzzles (no location, meta, or bonuses) in one file.

Big thanks to the Puzzled Pint Pittsburgh Game Control members (and alumnus) for writing this month’s set: Emily Durham, E. Forney, Eli Goodfriend (now a NYC GC), Adam Leibowitz, and Matt Needles. Thanks to Curtis C. Chen (HQ/Portland/Co-founder) for writing one of the bonus puzzle.