Jurassic Park Polaroid

June 2022 – Jurassic Park



Thank you to this month’s author: Amonyx Davids (Christchurch, NZ) Author - Amonyx Davids.jpg

Amonyx lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Like many puzzle authors, they have always had a love of solving puzzles, whether it be jigsaws, escape rooms, or trying to puzzle out some code or mathematical equations.

Their love of puzzles is rivalled by their love of dinosaurs, with their favourites being Ankylosaurus and Stenonychosaurus. This is a love shared by their partner and their seven year old, and their house is home to over 200 dinosaurs. Sadly, they couldn’t have a real pet dinosaur so instead they pretend their dog is a triceratops and two kittens are velociraptors.