December 2022 – Cats


Tuesday December 13, 2022    
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The theme for December’s event is Cats and it is brought to you by Keith Dechant and Nova Miranda of Portland, Oregon, USA, and Ben Zoon of Boise, Idaho, USA.

The authors of the Cats puzzlesNova, Keith, and Ben met many years ago in Portland through their shared love of hiking and the outdoors. When the pandemic hit, they started using the non-Puzzled-Pint-Tuesdays as virtual game nights as a way to stay connected and entertained, and this eventually evolved into puzzle writing nights! They are excited to present this first Puzzled Pint set, and already have a second in the works. Ben, our team’s avid crossword enthusiast, has also had a puzzle published in the Wall Street Journal. Nova’s and Keith’s cats, Artemis & Elsa (and the late Bandit) also say “meow!” and are excited to be featured in this month’s puzzle set!

Also thanks to Matt Stephans (Austin, TX) for the Meta-Meta!

The puzzles

Hints and solutions

Need a little help to solve the puzzles?

If you are new to Puzzled Pint or just looking for general help then check out Puzzling Basics for tips on how to tackle these style of puzzles. For some puzzles, the Code Sheet is very helpful.


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