April 2024 – The Magnus Archives


Tuesday April 9, 2024    
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This event’s theme is The Magnus Archives and is brought to you by Noah Steele of Columbia, Maryland, USA.

Noah is a college student who, after developing a serious addiction to The Magnus Archives, decided to put his addiction to good use and create this Puzzled Pint set. Despite not actually being old enough to partake in the “pint” half of the title, he’s been obsessed with the “puzzle” half for as long as he can remember, and got his start in puzzle design by creating elaborate scavenger hunts for his high school friends. In 2023 he discovered puzzlehunting, and the rest is history.

When not writing puzzles, Noah enjoys solving them with his friends on his team (shoutout to Vehemence), writing things that aren’t puzzles, video games, rock climbing, theater, and audio design. This is his first time writing for Puzzled Pint, and he’s loved having the chance to spread the good word of The Magnus Archives. He hopes you enjoy the set (and maybe give the podcast a listen too? It’s really good!).



Need a little help to solve the puzzles?

If you are new to Puzzled Pint or just looking for general help then check out Puzzling Basics for tips on how to tackle these style of puzzles. For some puzzles, the Code Sheet is very helpful.


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