San Francisco, California, USA

Come for the cable cars, stay for the puzzles.

Game Controllers



Greg is a big puzzle enthusiast. So much so that he generally carries around a cryptic crossword puzzle or two in his pocket, just in case he has some downtime or a long elevator ride.

Matthew is a klezmer fiddler, composer, letterboxer, printmaker, origami wizard, cryptic mixologist, beard proponent, and (natch) puzzle designer. If you’re perplexed by the abundance of Puzzled Pint Matthews, this one also goes by @SteinViolin.

Tyler Hinman

Tyler Hinman (he/him) is a seven-time American Crossword Puzzle Tournament champion, occasionally solving on Twitch. Besides puzzles, he enjoys beer, sports, and Scandinavian rock music.


Recca (Rebecca) (she/her) loves sharing in the comradery of games and puzzles and enjoys the guilty pleasure of amusing mis-solves at least as much as the celebration of a glorious solution. You’ll often find her with her nose buried in an ebook or cheating her way up the hills on her ebike.


Dennis (he/him) loves games and puzzles, and spent a few years as an avid participant before joining Game Control right at the start of the pandemic. When not engaged with games or puzzles, Dennis flips through recipes and promises he’ll work on that novel. Eventually.


Kirk T (he/him) fell in love with puzzles doing puzzle hunts around the Bay Area. He’s also an an escape room enthusiast, software engineer, and former swing dance instructor.