Portland, Oregon, USA

Seal of Portland, Oregon

Up in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Portland is the birthplace of both Linus Pauling and Puzzled Pint.

Game Controllers


Ana is a co-founder of Puzzled Pint. She is a traffic engineer by day, and occasionally knits giant doilies for cars. As such, there is at least a tiny chance that she is the reason you are late.


Brian likes to build with bits and atoms when he’s not reverse-engineering. Read about his latest cool projects at netninja.com.

Curtis Chen

Curtis is a co-founder of Puzzled Pint (not an aardvark). He also writes speculative fiction and daydreams about showrunning a Star Trek sitcom. Find him online at: curtiscchen.com.


Jen loves gaming, puzzles, and continuing her education on becoming a true native of Portlandia which includes joining headquarters for Puzzled Pint!

Matt C. is a co-founder of Puzzled Pint. He hates re-writing his bio every time he moves, but that’s what he gets for putting city-specific info in it last time. He’s happy to be back in Portland, where among other things he can see more Thorns matches. He likely tweets more from @PuzzledPint than from @MattOnABicycle.


Vic is a co-founder of Puzzled Pint. He wishes he could go to Burning Man every month, but running Puzzled Pint is pretty cool, too. He occasionally tweets as @civrot.