Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Game Controllers

Adam is a gangly fellow who likes board games, rock climbing, and puns. He hopes to one day get a pitbull and name him “Mr. Worldwide”. He is sometimes known as @sleeping_adam.

E. Forney (she/they) hunts puzzles, plays games, tufts rugs, and verbs nouns. She found all 900 Koroks one time. She is very online.



Emily is a science writer by day and a board game enthusiast by night. She has a menagerie of tried-and-given-up hobbies, including tango, sewing, and a brief foray into cheesemaking.

Matt N

Matt N. is a program director at the YMCA.  When he’s not working or puzzling, he enjoys the outdoors, science, music (specifically the saxophone), broomball, and board games.