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October 2022 - Special Characters

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Thank you to this month's author: Bob Becker (St. Louis, MO)Author - Bob Becker.jpg

Bob Becker and his wife, Kathy, are both recently retired teachers: Kathy, 5th grade, Bob, high school chemistry – a profession which he loved. The were both born and raised in St. Louis, MO, have been married 35 years and were blessed with three amazing children – Jenna, Amariah and Elizah – who are all grown up and off doing amazing things. It was Amariah who introduced Bob and Kathy to Puzzled Pint some four years ago, and they have been regulars ever since. Bob started submitting puzzles three years ago, and Special Characters marks his sixth set.

Aside from teaching and puzzling, Bob love just about anything outdoors – bicycling, camping, and long hikes with their two mutts, Haddie and Sammy. Also, since the early 90’s, he has had an idea for a math-nerdy, puzzle-inspired construction toy made from hyperbolic paraboloids. Finally, in 2020, he ran a Kickstarter campaign and made HyperTiles a reality. With all its puzzling possibilities, it has become his retirement hobby and his new favorite passion.