Soccer World Cup Polaroid

November 2022 - Soccer World Cup


In recent months, we have seen a trend back towards in-person events. Since bringing people together over puzzles and supporting local businesses are some of the main goals of Puzzled Pint, we will be returning to our pre-pandemic model of making the puzzles available first for in-person events on Tuesdays and then publishing them online the following day in January 2023. If you have any questions or would like assistance starting an in-person event in your city, please reach out to

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Thank you to this month's authors: David Palmer, Clare Crawford & Ben Palmer (Belmont, MA)

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David, Clare, and Ben first toyed with the idea of soccer-themed puzzles during the 2019 Women's World Cup. They started working on the puzzles in earnest during the pandemic, and they are thrilled to see the set come together this year. While this is their first attempt at creating a Puzzled Pint set, they enjoy solving and playing all kinds of puzzles and games, and they regularly participate in puzzlehunts with the team Belmonsters.