September 2022 - Seven Deadly Sins

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  1. The writing looks like a poem.
  2. Can you make it rhyme?
  3. Listen to the rhymes.
  4. Each rhyme sounds like a letter.


  1. Cut out the two stripes and fold different ways on the dotted lines.
  2. Connect the stripes to form famous buildings.
  3. Associate each building with its cuisine.
  4. Fold on the corresponding cuisine lines.
  5. The folded stripes form a letter or symbol.
  6. Read the symbols in order of building dots, from one to six.


  1. Build a circular word ladder.
  2. Every fourth word of the ladder is given.
  3. The fourth row is loser, lower, lover, cover, mover
  4. Fill the word ladder in the circle.
  5. Each letter inside each bold area is the same! Use this to determine where to start.
  6. Extract the letters in the numbered boxes.


  1. Two clues in peacock tail connected by a line form a compound word.
  2. The peacock tail has 26 clues.
  3. A path to each clue in the peacock tail is a sequence of dots and dashes.
  4. The clues under the peacock describe a path in the peacock's tail. Clues might have multiple compound words clued!
  5. For example, the first clue is "Type of butter in brief seafood" -> PEANUT (type of butter), NUTSHELL (in brief=in a nutshell), SHELLFISH (seafood)
  6. Read Morse along the path of compound words.
  7. For example, the first clue is PEA-NUT-SHELL-FISH (seafood) -> dot, dash, dash, dot -> P


  1. One thing connects the left and right part of each creature.
  2. Consider the first / last letters.
  3. The ending letter of the animal on the left is the same as the beginning letter of the animal on the right.
  4. For example, the first animal is a hybrid of a dragoN and a Narwhal, so they are merged at the letter N.
  5. Find the cage row where dragoNarwhal fits.
  6. Read down the common letters for the final animal answer.


  1. Each coin (with a given symbol) represents a letter.
  2. Assign each of the piles with one of the previous solutions.
  3. Look for common letters to discover common symbols.
  4. To start, which symbol must correspond to an E? Then which must be an S? etc.


  1. The cards resemble a game called Spot It! or Dobble.
  2. Two subsequent cards always have a single sloth in common.
  3. The sloth hands are semaphore.
  4. Going from 0 to 13 reads ODD NUMBERS OUT. This is not the final answer!
  5. Take the odd numbers out and repeat for 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
  6. Doing the same process for the even numbers reads PRIMES. This is also not the final answer!
  7. Take only the primes and repeat for 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13.
  8. DOLLY